Machine.Specifications (mspec) only output errors

Our team is very command line oriented, we’ll often run our test suit from the command line.  A typical workflow would be to commit, pull build then push (assuming we didn’t break the build!).

You’ll notice that when you run mspec from the command line you get a lot of output.  You can turn off ALL output other than the summary at the end but that doesn’t help when you want to know which tests have failed.

We use psake for our build, Adrian has already posted about integrating mspec with psake.  We made the following tweak to our build to only show test failures (we parse the XML output generated by mspec):

task MSpecUnitTests -depends Compile -description "MSpec unit tests" {
  $testDlls = ls "$srcDir\*\bin\$buildConfiguration" -rec `
    | where { $_.Name.EndsWith(".Tests.dll") } `
    | where { (Test-Path ([System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName($_.FullName) + "\Machine.Specifications.dll")) -eq $True } `
    | foreach { $_.FullName }

  $mspecExePath = Join-Path $packagesDir "Machine.Specifications.0.5.8\tools\mspec-clr4.exe";

  if($env:TEAMCITY_VERSION -ne $Null)
      exec{ & $mspecExePath $testDlls --teamcity }
    $mspecOutputPath = Join-Path $buildDir 'mspec.xml'
      exec{ & $mspecExePath $testDlls -s --xml $mspecOutputPath }
    catch {
      [xml]$testOutput = Get-Content $mspecOutputPath
      Select-Xml "//context[specification/@status='failed']"; $testOutput | % {
        Write-Host "> " -NoNewLine
        Write-Host $ -NoNewLine -foregroundcolor "yellow"
        Write-Host " failed the following specifications:"
        foreach ($spec in $_.Node.specification) {
          if ($spec.status -eq 'failed') {
            Write-Host ">> " -NoNewLine
            Write-Host $ -NoNewLine
            Write-Host " (" -NoNewLine
            Write-Host $spec.error.message.innerText -NoNewLine -foregroundcolor "red"
            Write-Host ")"

About Tom Peplow

C# .Net developer based in London and the South Coast
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