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ICommand implementation with a little bit of async in WinRT

So the RelayCommand or DelegateCommand (whichever name you prefer) is a well known chap.  We created an AsyncRelayCommand which essentially disables the command while an async action is running.  This is useful because commands may call services (which are async) … Continue reading

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Using Visual States to keep view models simple… and not a converter to be seen

I recently posted about commands in Photon and how it helps you create simple view models.  Another reason for view models getting more complicated is view logic creeping in…  View logic in the ViewModel…  It’s a view model, surely it … Continue reading

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Silverlight MVVM: Commands, CommandManager and scoping with Photon

Bit of a long title…  But commanding in photon has some sweet features which help create really simple view models.  There’s no need for ICommand, DelegateCommands or constantly calling RequerySuggested.  The view simply uses the view model methods.  You TDD … Continue reading

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